Ignace Maes
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Thunder Buddy
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BPM Tap Android Application


Measure any tempo like your heart rate or a songs rhythm in beats per minute.

  • Free to download on Google Play
  • Quick & easy to use
  • Metronome function
  • Customizable through settings

About Me


I am 19 years old

I was born the third of October 1995 in Belgium. That's where I grew up, and still live.

I started programming when I was 13

I am a self-taught programmer thanks to the internet. Later on I went studying informatics to expand my knowdlege even further.

I study Applied Informatics in University

At Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp. In High School I studied 2 years of IT Management, before that I did science.

I am an independent developer

In my spare time I enjoy making software. I don't do this for a living since I still study, but it would be amazing if one day I could.


If you have any questions feel free to ask me by filling in the form below. I will try to answer as quick as possible. If you don't like contact forms for any reason, just send me an email to: contact (AT) ignacemaes.com.