Hi, I am Ignace Maes

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I'm a software engineer from Belgium with a strong interest in technology. I love creating digital products that make people's life more enjoyable.

Ever since I was young I've been messing around in programming languages. I enjoy learning new stuff and building projects like mobile and desktop apps, creating websites and scripting nifty tools to even writing some more lower-level code. I enjoy focussing on design as well and make everything look nice.

In my spare time you'll find me working on side projects, you can find some of them below!

My projects


Four In A Row

Play the classic game to connect four chips in a row to win! Play on mobile against a friend or challenge the AI.

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Pool Ball

A little pool table right in your pocket. Play 8 ball pool on your phone or tablet against a friend or versus the AI.

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Air Hockey

Turn your phone or tablet into an air hockey table. Play against a friend or try and beat the AI.

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Explore the world through wonderful landscape wallpapers. Every day one handpicked photo is added to the collection.

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MaterialSkin is an open-source project bringing Google's Material Design principles to Microsoft .NET WinForms.

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Measure any tempo like your heart rate or a songs rhythm in beats per minute.

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BeatBuddy is a collaborative music platform that enables you to create playlists together with your friends, in real-time.

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TISI Chat is a multifunctional messaging program made as final project for high school.

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Personal website

This website is written and designed from scratch by myself. It's fully responsive and made with minimal dependencies.

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